KSKM 440

Hey guys,
We’ve got a new chapter of Karate for you all today. The path to victory is more complicated than it seems, enjoy the fight, as we’ve got more of it to come.

KSKM 440: DDL Read Online


  1. jhon Reply

    upload atleast one chapter per week ! you lazy asswholes !!
    this fight is going from 4 months how long you gonna put this to finish ?

    • crazy_horse Reply

      Yes, that’s exactly what everyone needs to get motivated to continue doing voluntary work.

  2. jhon Reply

    actually i am tired of waiting thats why i written that
    i am sorry if you guys hurt.

    • crazy_horse Reply

      I understand your frustration, but you learn to let that go once you start reading something like “Berserk”, where it often goes on a few months’ hiatus at a time. I myself want more chapters of that, but I don’t go insulting the author for not drawing more.
      The point is, it’s out of our hands. If the translator doesn’t feel like it, there’s no helping it. If you force someone to do something, they won’t enjoy doing that anymore.

  3. Jackson Reply

    Hey guys, thanks for the hard work! I don’t know why you do this work with minimal thanks and insults from ungrateful bastards who think you owe them instead of the other way around… you’re all saints! If people complain, they can always learn to read Japanese…

  4. Pr0m Reply

    Hey guys, Nice work on this manga. You’re the only one working on it and you’ve doone sooooooooooo much. Really hyped to see the next chapter. Wish i could help you but don’t know Japanese T.T.

  5. Arufuredo Reply

    Hi guys! It seems 2017 has proven to be a *really* troublesome year for you so far, huh? I’d lie if I said I’m not anxious about the next chapter, but hey! You did it all the way here with barely any help! So we’ll just keep on waiting and hope things work out right IRL on your side. I appreciate your hard work. Thanks guys, you rock!

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