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Hey guys,
Hope you’re all having a good weekend. Whether it’s near the end, or just half way through! Either way, I’m sure this release will make it just that little bit better. Enjoy the latest chapter of Karate.
Also, in this chapter we’ve found we translated a name incorrectly. Just throwing a new poll out there to see what you guys prefer? Stick with one spelling, or use the correct spelling for future chapters?



  1. Hector Reply

    Thanks for the great release, guys!

    I’d like you to keep the old translation of names. The inaccuracy takes nothing away from the manga and gives it a personal touch from you guys. Furthermore, I never expect foreign (fantasy) names written in katakana to be 100% accurate anyway…

  2. mzy25753 Reply

    I’d go with the new, corrected names, but slap in a few translator’s notes in the next few chapters when a name gets mentioned, maybe something along the lines of “Sarindu*” … “*corrected from Sirinto”. This could give people a bit of time to get used to the names while keeping them authentic.

  3. Silversprint Reply

    Thanks for the release again !
    POLL vote : 1 , i’d like it if possible to keep the old spelling as it may get confusing, especially if that character had been known since many chapters, but i feel like it’d be a good note to put at the beginning of the newest chapter if there’s a new (more correct) translation.

  4. Mister Miyagi Reply

    Thank you, and great work!

    Though I wouldn’t mind either way, I would say it’s okay to keep the names you came up with yourselves. Even official publications in the US kept their own “Americanized” names, even after there were plenty of publications in Japan featuring the Romanized/Romaji-ized names. For example, Krillin from Dragon Ball keeps his name in the US despite being often depicted wearing a “Kulilin” cap or shirt.

    And thus, Sirinto is born. šŸ™‚

    Another reason to keep your pronunciation is that it is based on the Katakana pronunciation, which itself is usually a Japanese attempt to pronounce a name in its original form. So for example, the city of Paris is pronounced “Pari/惑ćƒŖ” in Japanese, which is much closer to the French pronunciation than in English, despite being spelled “Paris.” And so “Sirinto” (or “Shirintu/Sirintu”) may be closer to the correct pronunciation than “Sarindu,” though I can’t say for sure, as I don’t speak Thai.

  5. Alex Reply

    Thank you for the chapter! As far as the look goes, I say keep the old spelling style. The reason is because that way the name of the guy fighting Ibuki now will remain a real/correct name. Gianni Skandalakis is actually a real Greek name (I have a friend with that exact name) and I don’t know why the fighter in the manga is supposed to be French. But his name in the new spelling makes no sense and is not a name a real person would have. Maybe Samart’s name makes more sense in the new spelling though… But I don’t know about Thai names šŸ˜› Just my 2 cents.

  6. GBS Reply

    Thank you so much guys! Keep up the good work and keep translating KSKM. I just started reading this a few days ago and I love this manga so much! Even more than I love hajime no ippo I think šŸ˜€
    And BTW, I would love for the names to be changed to how the author intended it to be. Thank you guysss!

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