KSKM 471

Hey guys,
As was pointed out in the last chapter by darckchild, we only have 30 chapters remaining! Not long left Karate fans, and with this one it’s one more chapter down.



  1. Dropout 88 Reply

    Thank you very much guys! I have a feeling that this might be one of the greatest fights in the history of manga, the start is phenomanal. Like the fight with that chubby Thai was very epic, this would make that one childs play I think. I can’t believe they will wrap this up in 30 chapters, there will be many many loose ends..

  2. darckchild Reply

    I’m feeling honored beeing mentioned by you guys! 🙂
    Thanks for this chapter! 29 to go.

  3. Someone Reply

    Thanks! I don’t know if you’ve addressed it, but will you guys translate the sequel manga?

    • Gunwild Reply

      I hope they will continue, but they’ve done so much already that if they decide they need a break from the way of the fist, we should honor their decision.

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