KSKM 474

Hi all,
Wow, it’s been a little while. Certainly this release is a lot longer getting out than expected, but you know, lack of internet will do that to ya. I moved house about a month ago, and have been having issues getting an internet connection at my new place. I’ve kinda got it sorted for now, but it’s certainly made a lot of things a lot harder!

Anyway, we’ve got a new chapter for you all and we’re slowly making our way towards the end. Enjoy the chapter, and look forward to more in future!



  1. Dropout 88 Reply

    Thank you very much! I didn’t knew 473 was already out for a month, so now I have 2 chapters to read πŸ™‚

  2. alex n Reply

    thank you so much! hope you fix that internet situation cause life nowadays without internet..

  3. Dave Reply

    Thanks for your effort, everyone! I’m just happy you’re continuing to work on it and keep it alive.

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