KSKM 485

Hey guys,
15 chapters remaining, and we’re still driving strong towards our goal of daily releases until the end. Enjoy the chapter, and come back tomorrow for the next one!

KSKM 485: DDL | Read Online


  1. KSKM reader Reply

    Thank you guys so much! Not just for this release but for all of them over the years. I always make sure to hit the “Thank you” button ever since it was introduced but this is my first comment. I’m sure all the readers out there are super grateful for the work you do. From the daily releases to the ones that came out every month or so, always grateful. Karate is one of my favorite manga to read and I never would have been able to do so without all your efforts. The scans are so clean and the translations/notes are so well done. Bit of a longer comment but I just wanted to give a sincere thank you to all you guys before the last chapter of this manga is put out there. You’re all amazing and I can’t thank you enough!

    • Dropout 88 Reply

      I’m with this dude! It was an unbelievable journey and all thanks to you guys! I (and all the other too I think) really appreciate your hard work guys!!

    • cmertb Reply

      Awww shucks, this is one of the nicest comments we got in months. πŸ™‚

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