KSKM 490 and Announcement of KSM

Hi all,
Finally down to the last 10 chapters of Karate. Who knew we’d back it this far over 10 years ago when this manga was started. Who even knew it was going to be 500 chapters long. Who even knew there was going to be a sequel? Well, there is, and since we’re all on the Karate train at the moment, this is also an announcement that we’ll be picking up Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari after we’re done finishing this beast off! Look forward to it!

KSKM 490: DDL | Read Online


  1. RunningWild Reply

    Can’t believe I’ve been following this scanlation for 10 years. Crazy. I’m a little disappointed though there’s only 10 chapters left, yet I feel like there’s still alot of stuff unresolved like Ibuki getting his match against Samart. But maybe there’s hope in the sequel?

  2. Dropout 88 Reply

    I really know what you mean, a lot of unfinished business! But I’m glad the finish is in sight! Thank you guys for the effort!!

  3. THE FRYEST Reply

    Thanks so much for the chapter, and especially for picking up the sequel. I love you, DB-Scans.

  4. Felipe Reply

    wohoooo!!! mixed feelings here. karate is ending, but theres more karate to come!
    anyways… thanks for the chapter!

  5. cholosmar Reply

    I have mixed feelings, I started following you back then when KSKM had only 13 chapters translated by you (IIRC it was like that for a while), I was part of spanish scan group called Rekishi no Ryu which used to translate KSKM to spanish and even worked for a short period of time with you helping with the raw cleaning, sadly because real life stuff and lack of motivation the scan group disbanded. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to ever read the final of KSKM in english, I was afraid that you dropped the series and I would have understand if you decided to do so, but you keep us bringing chapters at your own pace, didn’t give up despite lack of support, and now, you won’t only finish it but also decided to continue with the sequel.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  6. darckchild Reply

    Awesome news. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your endless commitment.

  7. alex n Reply

    I felt such a relief to read there is a sequel! awesome news, thank you guys!

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