Kskm c4

Another release on my B-day!!

Chapter 4 of Kskm DDL and this time TORRENT (I know, I know! We’re moving up!) located on the forums here.

Our very important co-workers on this MBS.

MBS irc

Please visit their site offer up thanks, hop onto their irc channel and forums!

Register post make a thread on the forums tell us this series is awesome apply for a position… something! Those are the things that keep us going.


  1. Copycat01 Reply

    I think its a good thing to release your stuff as torrents and on TokyoTosho, more people, more interest, more fans = people applying to help out. I think you should make up batch torrents for your releases and post them, especially Capeta as a lot of people downloaded the anime and want to know what happens after. Just a thought though.
    Sorry posted this before in wrong section.

  2. Neb Reply

    sweet, thanks guys, look forward to future releases as usual (capeta, kskm shibatora, peace maker) 🙂

  3. strikersgun Reply

    very nice guys keep up the good work

    im sure there alot more people that read and want chapters but just dont say anything dont think its only us 3 reading it and keep it up

  4. b Reply

    i just found kskm today found it on manga fox, saw the first chapter and had to come looking for more great manga can’t wait for more releases

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