KSKM Volume 1 complete & Surprise awesome new super great Seinen project

Yah a multiple chapter release of KSKM for you today we have the rest of volume 1 for you (chapters 6-9) and a reworking of chapters 1-5! I would strongly advise redownloading the whole volume file not only does it read better as a single piece we also ironed out some mistakes and the self proclaimed God (more like a high priest.. or temple concubine in my eyes) did his very best to go for consistency.

Releases here

Edit to make way for Surprise awesome new super great seinen project (what could it be?) Release here

On another more serious note we need people to apply! We have a couple of editors tests and a seinen translators test that will go up today as well as shounen one tomorrow. Keep in mind our speed is not dictated by some lazy desire you may think we have to withold releases it’s a lack of staff and that’s it! So to anybody who says you’re too slow or.. what happened to this project or that project! Get us staff and we’ll gladly speed up.

Another random note this series was at one point a no go for online readers (as in we didnt want it up on any) only onemanga respected that (much appreciated). Anyway, as long as the new chapters are the ones to go up online readers are fine now, I would like to requesta 24 hour waiting period (doubt I would get it but still…) for any mirrors though.


  1. kakkou Reply

    OH!! A new manga! Great! ^__^
    I’ll be checking that out, which makes it 4 new chapters indeed! ^__^

    And well, to be honest, I didn’t really check 1 -5. I only read the new chapters.

  2. Dagmoor Reply

    Wow, I’m so happy that you guys decided to do Yugo. Anime was great but manga is usually better 🙂

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