KSM 43

Hey all,
Who would really win in a fight between Singh Sak and Samart? Well, that’s certainly the hot topic in todays chaoter “The Strongest and the Evilest”.

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  1. bububu Reply

    and after all this time, they never fought each other in an official match?

    • pocong Reply

      It’s actually not too surprising. Given that Samart became active on the international scene when Mutou and Hiroki were still in high school while Singhsak didn’t until around the time Minoru entered college they may simply have never had the opportunity. It’s likely that Singhsak never got the chance because Samart had already started pursuing fights outside of Thailand by the time Singhsak finally climbed high enough in the Stadium rankings to get a shot at his titles. Since Samart is an international star and fights in multiple global Kickboxing and Muay Thai organizations now he has to train for those fights and travel to various countries so he might not be in Thailand often enough to fight Singhsak. Add on Samart’s various severe family problems from his cheating pedophile dad to his murderous yet terminally ill mother and you have a man who’s working a 20 hour day and a seven day long week even when he isn’t training for an upcoming fight.

      That’s probably why Singhsak has titles in the same weight classes as Samart. Once Samart went international he probably had to forfeit those titles due to being unable to defend them with his schedule. That might be part of why Singhsak resents him so much, from his point of view Samart’s spent the last 5 or so years ducking him.

  2. THE FRYEST Reply

    Thanks for your continued hard work that you pour into this series.

  3. darckchild Reply

    Thanks for the chapter. And always remember. A Ninja a day, keeps the mobster away.

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