KSM 57

The big problem of releasing every day is that eventually you run out of things to say in your release post. Today, I’ll just point out that we really appreciate the moral support from you guys. Keep commenting!

KSM 57: DDL | Read Online


  1. kfighter Reply

    Thanks for the daily posts! No need for words when the quality of the scans are so good for daily updates.

  2. Heath Reply

    You know, this last arc is making me miss the first half of KSKM a lot. I think the story was much better paced back then, when the author wasn’t taking 5-7 chapters for each fight. I mean I know people like martial arts manga because of the detailed fights, but if you treat each single bout as if it was the final boss I feel like it just drags the whole thing. The first tournaments, where most fights would end in 1 or 2 chapters, were far more exciting to read, at least for me, and always left you wanting more. It is kind of ironic that the author found that pace again at this point where he was “rushing” the series to close as many plotlines as possible before the finale. If he had been more aware of this, I’m sure such rushing wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.

    • cmertb Post authorReply

      Couldn’t agree more. The mangaka got hit by the Ippo syndrome.

  3. bububu Reply

    oops, forgot that we’re in the middle of the final volume… end the fight already!

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