KSM 61-63 (Finish)

Hi guys,
Today truly is our last day of Karate. Not only are we re-releasing chapters 61 and 62, which many of you will have read earlier when we finished Karate Shoukoushi Minoru, but we have also the final chapter to conclude the story of Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari. Hope you all enjoyed this series, and enjoy the conclusion. Make sure you check out the Karate Chronicle right at the end.

KSM 61: DDL | Read Online
KSM 62: DDL | Read Online
KSM 63: DDL | Read Online


  1. nckeo Reply

    Congratulations on finishing! Although it is sad the sequel is way shorter than the 1st series. Felt like author want to wrap thing up as much as possible.

  2. cholosmar Reply

    I have mixed feelings. Remember back then when I started reading KSKM, when it has only 13 chapters translated about 11-12 years ago. I never imagined this day this would come, not because I doubted you, but 500 chapters sure takes a long time, and you could have easily dropped it since we all have a real life, and you did it for free. I was part of the spanish scans and we even collaborate in a few chapters, you sure are quite demanding on the quality, and that’s something I always admired and appreciated.

    Whatever your future is I wish best to you all, thanks for all the hard work, I will always continue following your work, and congratulations for doing what this manga taught us: never give up until the very end.

  3. changetzu Reply

    Thank you very much, i start reading this manga in the university. And i feel like a whole life had passed since then XD. Many Many thanks to you for you effords in this long time. =)

  4. alex n Reply

    thank you, thank you, thank you, it was a great journey, too bad it was cut so short, it had good potential to carry on a bit a longer, then again, i appreciate your effort and hard work! best wishes and success on your next project! OSU

  5. pocong Reply

    This was a real fun journey! Thanks for bringing our Karate (and Muay Thai) journey all the way to the end!

  6. darckchild Reply

    Well, what a ride. You guys did great work. Finishing the series in about three months is unbelievable!
    You also brought KSKM to an end which i thought i would never see. I followed KSKM since chapter 20.
    I experienced the drwaing and the storytelling progress of the Manga-ka firsthand.
    And now KSM which i really began to like is also over. Sadly it was a too short series. I saw very high potential in surpassing KSKM. It’s a shame that it’s all over now.

    The manga is not published in Germany abnd i guess it will never be. Because of you guys i was able to experience this great work. I’m beyond words of gratitude for the whole staff at deadbeat-scans.

    PS: I’m also a little embarrassed. Even though i read the KSKM bangaihen at the end of KSKM and saw that Nana-chan was alive and well, i thought she was killed off in KSM when i saw Minoru grieving for her. 😀

  7. Undead Reply

    Congratulations on completing the manga and thank you a lot for all the hard work you guys put into this.

    On of my favorite sports manga comes to an end and I enjoyed every chapter of it.
    Again thanks a lot for some real quality content you guys put out.

  8. Heath Reply

    So it’s over then? Man, I’m sad. Even though it had its ups and downs, this is still one of the best martial arts manga I have ever read. Groups like yours are the ones that really keep the manga fandom turning around, else we’d all be reading the same shonens all over again. We all know you worked so hard and there’s no way to express how grateful we feel for what you did. Thank you, thank you plus infinity. You’re the best!

  9. LarsVento Reply

    thanks for the scans of this manga over the years, guys! the manga was amazing and so are you!

  10. Eugene Reply

    Thank you for all your hard work for so many years. This manga has been a joy for me to read and I’m so happy you brought it to the world

  11. Felipe Reply

    thanks for the chapters! Sure is sad that it has ended. But it sure is a great thing to see the conclusion for such a great story. Thank you for all of your work.

  12. Alex Reply

    Thanks so much for your time and effort, and congrats on finishing the 2 mangas! I’m a bit sad we never got the fight between ibuki and samart though.

  13. Zen Reply

    You are incredible, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!

  14. lolman Reply

    Thank you guys. Completing all Karate chapters isn’t an easy feat, congratulations! You’re legendary heroes of the scanlation world.

  15. THE FRYEST Reply

    Thank you all for your hard work on these awesome series. I love you.

  16. Chibigami Reply

    You guys are the best, i’ve been following KSM for soooo long. Please keep going.
    Love ya all

  17. Noz Reply

    I hadn’t even noticed you took on Monogatari. You had me reading the whole thing this weekend. I have a lot of feelings and just want to thank you for your dedication and hard work. This story is important to me since it’s encouraged me to keep going in many dificult spots when I only had karate and reading as an escape. It was a perfect combination that made me feel better. It’s incredible the effort and passion you poured in this whole series, and as a reader and fan I just want to thank you. I wish you the best with whatever project you get into now.

  18. Dropout 88 Reply

    Thank you guys for everything! You made all of us very happy, it was truly an amzing couple of years!

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