Last release of 2010

So for me, down under in Australia, in the blazing hot weather, currently 32 degree’s celsius at 9am in the morning (Yep, not even the hot part of the day…), it is the last day of 2010.

Now, 2010, has been a pretty good year for Deadbeat-Scans. We’ve got more chapters done than our previous 2 years combined I would say. We’ve had our ups and downs throughout the year, Karate wasn’t going as smoothly as we’d have liked a few months ago, but we’re starting to pick back up again. But overall, the year has been pretty kind to us. We’ve released Karate chapters 24 through to 78 (todays release), Hanagata chapters 6-10, Shibatora 26-37, Peace Maker 12-20, about 2 or so Capeta volumes, and we’ve got to restart the manga that started this group in the first place, Rookies.

It might not be the hundreds of releases that some groups do, but I feel, the 100 or so chapters we’ve done, is a fairly respectable amount. We do some fairly tough mangas (It’s amazing that we’ve done 50+ chapters of Karate, considering how hard it is to redraw), so it’s a pretty good effort all around.

Our last release for this year, is everyone’s favourite manga, Karate. It’s a pretty awesome chapter, so I won’t hold you here much longer. As usual you can get it on our Forums or from our Irc Channel.

So with my closing words of 2010, I’d like to thank all the members of Deadbeat-Scans and members of our joint projects who have helped throughout the year. As obviously, we couldn’t have done it without you guys and girls putting in the effort in your own free time to get this stuff done. I hope we get many more new faces in the future to help out on our projects (and because I’m being stretched pretty thin over cleaning 3 projects!).

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.


  1. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Hooray for Deadbeat! This year’s been pretty fun, but we do need more staff, like cleaners, translators, proofreaders and all that fun stuff… Typesetters, not so much “for now”, as I can handle the series I’m working on for the time being, but we will need some in the future.
    Cleaners. Damn, we need a few cleaners and redrawers too. KSKM won’t clean and redraw itself. It would be much easier if we’d get some cleaners.
    Translators. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to produce anything. We need more thanslators, so we can produce more.

    When I joined, I only had a bit of experience with earlier versions of Photoshop and I kind of forgot most of it, so I had to learn all the things I knew once more. I saw that they needed some typesetters somewhere in January, so I thought to myself “Hell, I can do that!” and I applied. It was about time I stopped being just a lurker and a leecher and gave something to the community. I’m glad I joined that day.

  2. highschool-urchin Reply

    What does a proofreader do? Because I’d say I’m fairly good at english so if it’s like looking for typos or grammar errors in the translations I might be able to do that… I don’t think I can contribute with anything else though…

  3. Gunma Kisaragi Reply

    I know this is going to sound rude, but can you guys please hurry up with the karate releases? there’s still like 320 more chapters to go.. and with the rate your going with 50 chapters a year it would take you more then 6 years to catch up!!!! and thats just with CURRENT releases, after that you would have to deal with the horror of translating the volumes you missed throughout the 6 years, and thus the cycle would repeat itself.. THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK BUT PLEASE HURRY UP A TAD.

  4. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Do you even have any idea how retarded are the redraws in KSKM? I don’t think you do, `cuz if you did, you wouldn’t ask us to hurry up. We’re hurrying enough as it is, with one chapter a week, as there are only 3 people working on redraws and cleaning for a bunch of projects, including one of the leaders. I really wish I’d be able to post a link with some of the redraws in KSKM, but I’ll let the cleaners or the leaders do that. Man, talk about ingratitude…

  5. cmertb Reply

    Are you sure you want us to go faster? Because it doesn’t look like anyone else does. We’ve been asking for people to come in and help us release this faster, but no one has stepped forward. I’m assuming they don’t care. Instead of complaining, you always have the option of applying to help out, you know. Just visit the forum.

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