Long Time Coming…

So folks. It’s my pleasure today, to re-introduce everyone to a series that has been largely inactive on our part for quite some time. So please, everyone, welcome Peace Maker back to our list of active projects!
If you don’t know what Peace Maker is, basically it’s a western. You know, cowboys, gunslingers, that kind’ve stuff. It’s got some really good art, cool characters, and if you haven’t already – you should definately check it out.

Also today, we’ve got more action for Karate fans. 2 chapters of KSKM! Hope you enjoy both of them as we get nearer to the end of the volume.

As always, you can find direct download links on our website as well as download them from our irc channel #deadbeat@Irchighway.net. Usual stuff about online readers not uploading for 24 hours.

So enjoy guys! I know I enjoyed Peace Maker’s return chapter (although, not quite as cool as chapter 11).


  1. heehee Reply

    Yaaaaay! Thanks a bunch! And I’m also very happy to see more of Peacemaker!

  2. PixiWorld Reply

    Thanks alot for the KSKM release!!!! Love this manga!!! πŸ™‚

  3. HikaruYami Reply

    What the hell kind of cliffhanger is that?! O.o You guys are serious bastards, hahahah. I’ve never before looked forward to a release of this manga more than the next chapter….

    So I hope you don’t take so long, even if it’s just for one more chapter TT_TT

  4. indomie Reply

    Thanks for the great job!

    HikaruYami is so right…….. Seriously, they cannot let mutou die….. otherwise, I’ll stop reading KSKM!!!
    please release the next chapters quickly, i cannot wait

  5. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Be patient, dear readers. You’ll get your fix of Mutou awesomeness in the next two chapters. You’ll see. πŸ™‚

  6. PixiWorld Reply

    Thanks in advance guys!!!

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