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I do this wondering how many people even come to our main site…

So, I have come to a decision that I don’t want to typeset anymore! That plus scanning in volumes and doing the Qc for releases is proving to be all too much. Self scanning raws will allow us to provide better quality releases and also means we are not limited to just doing series with public raws available.

Well, the more I thought about retiring from typesetting the more I thought about our staff structure and needs and ways to make us more efficient. I didn’t come up with anything revolutionary, but, I think if people respond to this post we can do what it is I would like to achieve with this group. Releasing good quality manga within a good time frame. Believe me I want to release things as fast as you want us too.

In order to do this we need more applicants! I’m willing and ready to bestow all of my knowledge to those who are ready to learn and there are other members of the group willing to do the same. It may be that we point you in the direction of a tutorial or guide that’ll help, but, we will give you pages to practice on and someone will look at what it is you have done and give you feedback on it. For every position we are looking for we are willing to assist those who are a bit wet behind the ears and help them to improve.

If you wanted to get involved with some aspect of scanlating, but, didn’t know where to start this would be a good chance… At least I think so ^^

Japanese -> English Translators Very Much So Needed

High Priority

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru – Seinen, no Furigana.

Capeta – Shonen, has Furigana.

Mid-Level Priority

Billy Bat

Yugo the Negotiator

Various new Shounen and Seinen projects we would like to do if we get the editing power, you would be free to choose from the list of projects which you would prefer to work on.

Cleaners/Editors – Always Needed

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru – High Level of skill needed, there are a LOT of redraws some of which are very, very tough! There are also many double pages to join. If you want to work on this, but, don’t yet have the skill you will need patience in order to get there. If you feel confident that you do already have the skill to do it then even better.

Peace Maker – Not too hard, however, it does have double pages that need joining.

Yugo the Negotiator – Very Easy… really!

Various new Shonen and Seinen projects we would like to work on.

Typesetters/Editors – Really needed!

Once you know how to do it as long as you have the fonts you can work on any series really!

Even if you have no experience you can get good at this in a relatively short space of time, it has a lower barrier to entry than any other position.

Proofreaders needed for all series!

The requirements are a good handle on the English language and grammar. To review a raw script and make it sound authentic. Catch mistakes or typos or even rewrite entire sentences that end up strange due to the translation process.

None of our series are widely recognised as of yet, but they are good series with great art and even greater stories. With time people will come to see this and become fans of them as those reading this are and as we who work on them are too. Join us and be a part of the process of making these series known, making them better, and bringing them to the masses.

To apply comment here, sign up to our forums and make a thread or email us:


  1. kopiikat Reply

    I’ve studied Japanese for four years, and am also a karate student, so I’m interested in translating KSKM. I’d have to take a look at the raw manga to see how long it would take to translate, though. It depends on the amount of difficult kanji, slang, etc.

    Anyway, let me know if you need me. osu.

  2. Toku Reply

    i live in north amereica so im sure i could proofread if you instrested e-mail me ^^

  3. Dark Reply

    I could possibly trans capeta since I can read hiragana and katakana, I would just need a Japanese to English dictionary site to trans romaji to English.

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