Merry Christmas Release

Merry Christmas to all!
Usually we don’t necessarily do a Christmas release, but this year is a bit special. It marks the completion of the manga that this group originally started on, Rookies! Yep, it’s been a really really long trip, but Rookies is finally complete. Or is it? Well, there’s actually one more thing to come in the future for Rookies but in terms of the volumes, they’re all complete.

So a big thanks to Illuminati-Manga for their help over the past few years on this joint. It did take a bit longer than we originally wanted, but in the end it’s done and dusted and that’s what counts.

In addition to Rookies, we’ve got chapters of all your favourite mangas today. The only ones missing from the bunch are Capeta and Hanagata as they unfortunately lack the staff (Mainly translator) to get chapters complete. If you know how to translate from Japanese to English, and you’re willing to lend a hand on either of the two, please give us a yell.

Anyway, enough talking, out with the presents. Merry Christmas to all!


Karate 246 : DDL Read Online
Karate 247 : DDL Read Online
Himizu 38 : DDL Read Online
Peace Maker 42 : DDL Read Online
Montage 17 : DDL Read Online
Rookies v24 : DDL Read Online


  1. lolman Reply

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww OMG OMG

    Rookies completed!!!!! Thank you so much guys!! Peace Maker 😀

    Thanks for Montage, Himizu and Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru too 😀

    Merry x-mas 😀

  2. lolman Reply

    Man, I do read Rookies since 2003!! It really moving to see this completed T_T I remember when I asked permission to Jinmen Juushin for me translate Rookies to my native language and they said a big “NO” xDD. Ah old times ~~

    Anyway, Thank you again 🙂

  3. Okami Reply

    Merry Christmas and thank you so much, this is an amazing accomplishment and great gift!

  4. Dave Reply

    Awesome Christmas present from you, 2 whole chapters KSKM, thanks a bunch!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Rick Reply

    Thank you so much for doing this series, it has definitely been one of my favorites! What a great Christmas surprise, thank you for all the efforts you have put in.

    Also, just curious, the “one more thing to come in the future for Rookies,” is it a bonus chapter?

    What a great Christmas gift, these final chapters were!

  6. Anon Reply

    Happy Festivus thanks for the bulk release. I made it part way through rookies but may have to start it again now that it is complete.

  7. bububu Reply

    First Merry Christmas to you guys! And congratulation for completing Rookies! And then thanks for the release!

  8. Kelly Reply

    Thank you very much! <3

    And congrats on finishing Rookies!

  9. bada Reply

    Words can’t describe how happy I am right now. Thank you for continuing Rookies after all of these years! I am so so so happy. I am going to re read this from the beginning now. Thank you so much! <3

  10. ManBearPuig Reply

    Thank you so much for Rookies

    now i’m gonna have to go back and re-read the whole thing. again

  11. chinpirako Reply

    Thank you so very much for scanlating Rookies, and for doing such an excellent job!
    It’s one of the most moving manga I’ve ever read, and it’s made its way easily in my top-10. Everything about it is great: the art is beautiful, the characters are so different and interesting and human and real, the story is so engaging. I think chapter 231 brought tears to my eyes.
    I had no idea about baseball before (I actually had to read this while googling the rules), but I thought the games were so exciting, and I just loved the way the were drawn.

  12. Kaio-ken Reply

    Thanks for the festive double dose of Minoru, now it really feels like Christmas!

  13. ffilou6 Reply

    Thanks for the chapters of Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 🙂 .I like reading mangas with various fighting styles, such as Baki, Garouden, Tough, History Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Tenjo Tenge, The Breaker, The Breaker: New Waves, Shamo, Hokuto no Ken, Soten no Ken, etc. There’s probably a lot of unknown mangas, manhwas, manhuas, comics that may be very good!

  14. dragonaniki Reply

    finally finally
    you said it and you kept your word
    your are a true team
    keep going and thannnnnnk you for your work

  15. annoyedwabbit Reply

    You guys are SO AWESOME! Thank you all so much for sticking with Rookies through to the end. I cannot wait to start my epic re-read so I can fully appreciate the final volumes. 😀

  16. nick Reply

    thanks so much, it really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see you guys go out of your way to do this for total strangers <3

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