Montage 19

Sup people?
So we’ve already got 2 volumes out but we’re not seeing that much movement on the Montage front yet so feedback from all of you would be very much appreciated. Let us know whether you like the art, the plot, the character development and so on or maybe you disagree with certain actions taken by the characters or whatever else. And even if you don’t like something just let us know, any type of feedback is good feedback. Oh, and most importantly of all, if you like the manga spread the word so other people get the chance to read it too and visit the MangaUpdates page to vote for this particular manga.

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Montage 19 – Front and Back: DDL Read Online


  1. bububu Reply

    Thanks for montage!
    Sorry, I can’t really give a feedback on manga, I’m archiving them for the moment (don’t have time to enjoy reading them now).

  2. leonearmato Reply

    Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your work and your perseverance. Montage is a fantastic way to pass 10 minutes really caught up in the happenings. Every time I wonder who’s going to reapper or to beatray the protagonists.
    Greetings from Italy 😉

  3. kyuubi654 Post authorReply

    Yeah leonearmato, betrayal is the specialty of the day in Montage 🙂 But that’s what makes it so good, constant upsets all the time.

  4. Squirrel boy Reply

    I didn’t get a chance to read this manga yet, but it looks really interesting. Please keep up the hard work! Thanks!

  5. lolman Reply

    I really loved RRR and I was sad when it ended. Then I read Montage and I find that it’s even better than RRR! I love the atmosphere! This may sound strange, but it gives me the same feeling of 20th century boys xD

  6. crazy_horse Reply

    As far as the conspiracy part goes, yeah. This series has a lot of potential, it gets very intense in the later volumes. But, just like any new series, it needs time to really get rolling and be popular. Which is unfortunate, because if it doesn’t get any attention, it’s in danger. If the translator will keep being motivated, we may catch up to the releases in a few months… or a year… or more… or less?

  7. Lucone Reply

    Thanks for your hard effort, and for the great mangas ( montage, KSM) you do!!
    please keep rolling!!!

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