Montage 20

It’s Montage time everybody!
So what did you think of last week’s developments?


Why was Secretary-General Sawada on the title cover? He can’t be involved in all this. Or can he?!

Suzuki-sensei finally made a move and has shown us his dark side (btw. nice of him to dress matchingly).

And it seems like Yamato is determined to see this whole thing through until everything’s cleared up. Who knows how many secrets are going to be unraveled… DUM DUM DUUUUUM.

Also, i really like that belt-buckle. It’s cool to have a blood stained Japanese Yen bill inside your belt buckle.

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Montage 20 – Urgency: DDL Read Online


    • kyuubi654 Post authorReply

      you know… i drew those while merging the double-spread -.- got a pair just like that in my shoe rack… i thought i was cool and hip 🙁

      haha… jk. wasn’t even near those shoes when i was redrawing. wonder what he based the choice on 🙂

      • leonearmato Reply

        Ahahah, I know the problems related to double pages. You better have a vivid fantasy than some photoshop skills 😀

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