Montage 22 and Himizu 42 – Final Countdown 1

Hi guys,

It’s Thursday so that means it’s release time yet again. We’ve got Montage and Himizu this time around.

The second to last chapter of Himizu sees to the return of some old friends and the beginning of the end, while in Montage the action continues right where it stopped last week, Sekiguchi barged into Yamato and Miku’s room to find absolutely nobody there. Where could they have gone? How far ahead has Yamato planned everything? What do you think they’ll do next? Whatever you’re thinking let us know ^^

Grab our releases using the links below, or check us out on Irc

Montage 22 – Raging Stream: DDL Read Online
Himizu 42 – Be Thankful: DDL Read Online


  1. g_g Reply

    Love to see the two mangas I like the most coming out the same day.
    Love Montage cause I don’t have a clue about what’s going to happen.
    Love you guys for picking up Himizu. I thought I’d never read it to the end.
    I love Thursdays now!

  2. AqworldThunder Reply

    Man this chapter was amazing, I can’t wait for the final chapter! Thanks!

  3. Rachid Reply

    Thanks for Himizu, for this particular series I feel like thanking for the chapter itself and the credti page separately, so thanks again.

  4. El Reply

    Thanks guys. Montage is as awesome as ever. Bythe way, was the site down yesterday? Couldn’t visit the website :/

    • kyuubi654 Post authorReply

      I’m not aware of any downtime. We haven’t been working on the site or anything and it doesn’t just crash. Was it for a long period of time?

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