Montage 24

Hey guys,

last time on Montage some new characters were introduced (Kyouko Gibson, Mochizuki Ryuu and Kawasaki Yuudai) and it seems like their paths are about to cross since Yuudai just walked by on the Yakuza ganging up on Ryuu (But he pulled a gun maaaaaan!). Will Ryuu shoot the yakuza thugs? Will Yuudai interfere or is he just going to observe from afar (He’s 15 for crying out loud)? Are you for or against firearms usage in such a scenario? Was it smart of Ryuu to do so? Doesn’t he have any other friends that he can call on? One thing’s for sure, he’s got guts for going up against a gang of yakuza all by himself (gun or no gun). Well as luck would have it some of these will be revealed in today’s release, so give it a read and let us know what you think cause we know you love Montage just as much as we do^^

Anyway, grab the release from our usual spots.

Montage 24 – Tumult: DDL Read Online


    • kyuubi654 Post authorReply

      Oh i’m the last one you should be thanking 😛 There’s Watanabe Jun (who’s responsible for this great series), cmertb (who is doing a great job translating even the tiny sfx in bubbles), zao (who does a great job typesetting not only Montage but Peace Maker as well) and crazy_horse (who proofs everything in the end). All that is far more important than basic cleaning, a moneky could take over for me ^^


    Awesome as always! Thank you.
    The suspense is killing me, I should probably stop reading for a year or so and then read the whole batch 😛
    (I really miss the experience of reading a top-tier manga marathon-style… haven’t done that for years… I’m holding myself from reading Billy Bat just for this reason.)

    • kyuubi654 Post authorReply

      Aw.. don’t put off reading Montage. You need to read it to be able to leave us feedback 😀

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