Montage 42 and Capeta v18 part 1 (TRANSLATOR NEEDED)

We have two releases for you this Thursday, folks. First off, we have another Montage chapter, where our protagonists somehow manage to get to Tokyo.

But, more importantly, we have a very special Capeta chapter, which was only possible thanks to the former translator for the series, Masa. We really need a translator for Capeta, so please, apply on our forums or directly on the site if you have the time and you are able.

Montage 42: DDL Read Online

Capeta v18 p1: DDL Read Online


  1. Aditya Agarwal Reply

    Thank u guys for capeta please keep up the good work…its an amazing manga

  2. Ram Krishna Reply

    Thank you for the capers chapter. Hope that you find a translator soon. Thank you Masa! 🙂

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