Montage 47 and Wanitokagegisu volume 2

How’s it going, readers and followers? Today is a special day, for we have Montage 47, where our protagonists continue their investigation and Wanitokagegisu volume 2. Yes, a whole volume, you heard right. No, this is the only series that will get this treatment, as it suits laika (the translator, go thank him in the comments) best. It has been a long while since the release of volume 1 and we apologize for that, but it’s finally here and it was well worth the wait, so go read it now.

Montage 47: DDL Read Online

Wanitokagegisu v2: DDL Read Online


    • crazy_horse Post authorReply

      Are you sure? It should now, try again. Mediafire was down for half an hour after the release, but it’s back up now.

      • bbpp Reply

        hmm nope I get this “too many redirects” error only for the wanito link

        • crazy_horse Post authorReply

          The link works for me and 42 other people who downloaded it, it has to be something from your ISP or your end.

          • friendimpaired

            The “too many misdirects” has to do with Mediafire and possibly cookies (not sure exactly). Workaround is private browsing/incognito.

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  2. Sofia Reply

    Wanitokagegisu! And a whole chapter too! I enjoyed the first volume a lot. Thanks to everyone involved.

  3. Ben Reply

    BIg thanks to Lakia nd the rest of the team, Wanitokagegisu is a hidden gem!

  4. Kain Reply

    I know it’s a bit late but thank you for translating Wanitokagegisu. This is a series by Minoru Furuya that I have been waiting for someone to translate for quite a few years.

  5. Mila Reply

    Aren’t you going to end Wanitokagegisu? I’ve been waiting for it all this time but it looks like it’s not going to happen… Still thank you for the two volumes! I love Furuya’s works.

    • crazy_horse Post authorReply

      We are, it’s just that it takes time and the translator is a little busy at the moment. When the translator was ready to start working, I wasn’t and vice versa. Expect volume 3 sometimes in late January.

      • Mila Reply

        Oh, really? I see… Good to know!! I understand, and I’ll be looking forward to it! I was confused as it didn’t even appear in the Project page… Thank you for the answer 🙂

  6. Camila Reply

    I don’t know if this is the right place to say it but… I’d like to know if I can use your Wanitokagegisu scans and translations to work on a Spanish version of it. I’d work on the project by myself, at least initially. Just tell me if there are any conditions or something. And I’m also waiting for an update! I hope you are all doing well.

    • crazy_horse Post authorReply

      Hey, Camila… There are no conditions, most people just do it when they adapt something into their own language, so thank you for telling us. The RAWs aren’t mine personally, they’re public RAWs, so you can do the cleaning yourself or just clean the text from our version, if it’s easier for redraws, but you have to credit anything you adapt from us, I guess that would be the only condition. 🙂
      As for the status of the series… It’s been almost a whole year since the last release and that’s due to a lot of misunderstandings, but we’ll try to get back on track soon.

  7. Dinner Reply

    Are you guys still working on Wanitokagegisu? Would love to see the 2 remaining volumes translated. Also, is there any way to donate to you guys? Really appreciate the work you’ve did with this series, Himizu and KSKM ^^

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