Montage 5 (+ Montage 4 v2) and Himizu 35 (imported from temp site)

No karate this week due to organizational issues. But I expect that we’ll be up and running at our usual breakneck pace starting next week. On a related subject, our old site seems to be recovering… there are no signs of any viruses left on it after various updates. We’ll give it a few more days, then try to get it re-reviewed by google to see if we can finally get off their shit list. Hopefully, next week’s release will be on the normal site.

As I mentioned was our plan, we’re trying to speed up Montage in order to at least keep up with Japanese release pace, so you get another chapter this week. It’s all about Gunkanjima and a dark foreshadowing of trouble to come. Also, our previous release of chapter 4 was missing an important page, so we are releasing version 2 of that chapter.

Then there’s also Himizu.
crazy_horse: Yes, Himizu. I have some bad news for those who still follow the series: the release pace has been very much slowed down and it will continue to be. I apologize for this, but know that the series will be finished, if I have to lose my arms in the process.

Get your chapters here:

Montage 4v2: DDL Read Online
Montage 5: DDL Read Online
Himizu 35: DDL Read Online
(IRC downloads also now working)


  1. Weefsat Reply

    Dropping by to tell you your work is appreciated. I enjoy the comment pages at the end of Himizu quite a bit. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

  2. That1Guy Reply

    Thanks for the chapter!
    I understand just how hard it is to do redraws. One time when I was… uh, “very motivated,” I tried redrawing a couple pages from a raw website for shits and giggles. The text was over hair and a detailed, flowery background and, needless to say, it took me about 3 hours for just that page (including cigarette, bathrooms, and “re-motivation” breaks haha). I could never be a cleaner! I do take notice when English text outside a bubble is on detailed backgrounds to see if I can notice any mistakes in the redraw. I respect cleaners, because they have the hardest job when it comes to redrawing. I don’t know how cleaners can continue to do redraws so much for an extended period of time, unless they like doing that. I have to be hig… er, “very motivated” to to even do a page with an fairly easy redraw. The other jobs, excluding translation, I could do in my sleep. That is, if I wasn’t so goddamned lazy lol

  3. teronism Reply

    The single manga release I did as a cleaner put me off it for life (though I’ll clean raws for fun sometimes) but typesetting is a strange pleasure of mine. It aches my heart when I read something and you can tell no effort was put into it… or they use Papyrus.

    Thanks for the new chapter of Himizu, love the credits pages 😀

  4. gg_no2 Reply

    My two favorite series in one release! Don’t worry about the pace of releases, the important thing is that you guys picked the manga from the dump, and are determined to finish it. btw I saw the Himizu movie the other day, and it was so bad…

    Cheers for the cleaners! I cleaned/redrew about 2 volumes of a manga for a group and it took me so much time I had to quit.

  5. anon Reply

    Thanks a lot for continuing Himizu even if times are a bit tough for the group. I really appreciate it and even if the wait is longer than you guys want it to be I’m happy you guys are putting the effort into doing it. Thanks

  6. Doomroar Reply

    Ah that Himizu chapter was good, now our guy has a goon, and what is with her? i will never understand her, is just unreal.
    Thanks a lot for the chap.

  7. slaepwerigne Reply

    just wanted to thank you guys for your work on himizu. you’re providing me with a series that really means a lot to me. also, i know you’re at full capacity so i didn’t bother to apply, but if you ever need some qc/edit/proof help, feel free to email me. i’m a professional editor for a large publishing company, so i’d be very useful if you need staff.

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