Montage 53

Hey there, everybody. First of all, just a little heads-up: for various reasons, there probably won’t be a KSKM release this week.

Anyway, today we have another Montage chapter for you. Man, our protagonists are so lucky that they:

  1. found a working floppy drive
  2. the floppy disk works
  3. it actually WORKS!

Seriously, floppy disks are so flaky, there’s a very high chance the data will be corrupted after a few years. But… what was actually on it? I guess we will find out next chapter.

Montage 53: DDL | Read Online

Bonus: Floppy drives were chirpy devices, they made lots of weird noises. Here’s a video as proof:




  1. cmertb Reply

    These must be special drives. I don’t remember floppy drives making any noises like that.

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