Montage 54

Another week, another Montage chapter and it’s time we found out what exactly lies on the lucky floppy disk. Whatever it is, it has to be worth all the pain they went through to get it.

Anyway, read the chapter to find out.

Montage 54: DDL Read Online

From cmertb: In other news, there really is going to be a Montage drama special. The airing date was officially announced to be sometime in 2016, and they started filming in October this year. It will star some pretty boy actor we don’t care about named Fukushi Souta (for fangirls to go kya over) as Yamato, but they haven’t announced who will play Miku or Natsumi. Click to see some photos of Fukushi on location on Gunkanjima, alongside the official announcement.

Also, inspired in part by Montage, I visited Gunkanjima earlier this year during my Japan trip. Needless to say, it looked fucking awesome. Unfortunately, they don’t let tourists stray from the small area designated for them.

Naturally, I’m going to inflict a couple of videos on you:

Just to show you how small the tourist area is:


  1. Oneluffy Reply

    Thanks. I do not like this kind of show(live action), i prefer an anime. I will keep my hopes very high, montage deserves it.

  2. leonearmato Reply

    Gunkanjima must be a really interesting place. I wonder if I’ll manage to be there someday. For now, thanks cmertb 😛

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