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Hey all,
Got some more Capeta for racing fans today. I *believe* this chapter wraps up Capeta’s cart racing days. So some good racing in the chapter, finishing off the final race in the ICA. Pretty cool chapter, so don’t let me warble on, go read it yourself!
Get the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel. This is a joint with Endless Abyss, so go thank them as well.


  1. T.L.M. Hax Reply

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just came home after a long day at work and I find this…!!! Thank you so much. I’m curious, if I donated like $50 would that lead to any increase in release rate? Thanks again.

  2. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    @T.L.M. Hax:
    someone2040 should’ve been the one to answer this, but I’ll try.
    Unless we get more people to help out with translations and typesetting, I’m afraid not. And let me stress “typesetting”, since I can’t typeset this series anymore, so someone2040 had to do it for this release, among cleaning other things and QC-ing everything we release.
    This is a joint project with Endless Abyss, they handle cleaning and translations, while we handle typesetting and QC. This chapter was supposed to be released last week, but, like I said, I couldn’t do it, EA wanted to release it at once, and someone2040 had to do it himself.

  3. T.L.M. Hax Reply

    Thanks for the info. It’s too bad there are not more people wanting to do this series.

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