More Karate (or rather Ninja) and Baseball Action

Hey all,
Sorry it’s taken a while, but we’ve finally got another chapter of Karate for you. Please do realise, it’s slow going with one cleaner and one translator who does a translation when we need it :). If you think you can help out in either department, please do apply on the forums.

We’ve also got our usual Rookies chapter. Not quite going at the weekly pace, but we’re certainly making progress!

Enjoy both chapters. As per usual, you can download them from our Forums as well as from our Irc Channel. Head over to Illuminati-Manga as well to thank them for their work on Rookies.


  1. Bernardo Reply

    Thanks a lot, you guys. It is just SO refreshing to see that some kind souls picked up the Rookies project. That manga is just too good to be left untranslated.


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