More New Shiz.. Capeta v11 chapter (We don’t know! Do you?)

Another new project (the last for a little while… maybe!) for y’all and one I’m very excited about as excited as a school girl from an all girls catholic school upon catching the site of young male flesh, yes, that excited! We bring to you Capeta, we are starting from where the anime left diverts from the manga which is the start of volume 11. It may feel like this race was covered in the anime but believe it’ll become clear a little further into volume 11 that there is a diverging. If you haven’t watched the anime you really should because it is great, for now we are going to focus on the post anime chapters but if we ever get to a poin where we have caught up and are bored we may go back to do the rest (maybe…).

For now get the first chapter from volume 11 here.

Also a side point we have no clue as to what chapter number this is! If you know what it is then please let us know what it is!

And finally we here at Deadbeat are somewhat (read very) fussy whenever we choose to work on a project there is no project that we have which one of our members does not feel passionate about. We also try and keep to a set sort of project profile, why is this? So that people who enjoy one series that we do can give some of our other series a go and hopefully love those too. So, trust us and explore our other projects most especially this one.


  1. ishthemienguy Reply

    I would like to say THANKS for doing the manga…always wanted to read it but cant find it… so THANKS A MILLION! >8D

  2. Copycat01 Reply

    Been waitin for this 1 for ages, cheers, and anime is supposed to end at vol 12 which is prob right if you say it starts diverging from anime in this race at vol 11. Thanks again.

  3. twile Reply

    thanks for the hard work guys! i enjoyed the anime a whole bunch and it’s awesome that you guys picked up the manga! thanks again!

  4. jolun Reply

    thank you very much!!!!! yes!!! i waited for this one for a long time, too! THANKS A LOT GUYS! THANK YOU!

  5. Gotte Reply

    Thank you for this! I tought the anime was so-so but I want to see if the manga is better. Btw, do you guys have anything against me uploading this on

  6. Lavos Reply

    I actually tried, but as of the time I’m writing this post their upload system is disabled due to some technical difficulties.

  7. ishthemienguy Reply

    I was wondering if you could tell me where to get the raws?

  8. Gotte Reply

    Ok, thanks Lavos. When its back up and if I dont see it there yet,I will upload it and maybe post something about it on the forum. It deserve a good fanbase.

  9. Car90x Reply

    Thank you very much for the scans! Great quality and awesome series! keep up the good work!

  10. Car90x Reply

    haha, i meant this for the Shibatora post 🙂 but there’s no such thing as bad/negative appreciation!

    Keep it up!

  11. phat008 Reply

    Yosh! Thank you for picking up where the anime left off! L@@k forward to more Capeta ^__^

  12. Deu Reply

    Thanks a lot for picking up this great series. I was wishing to see a scandtrad of it for a very long time.
    Thank you again!

  13. alfred reyes Reply

    capeta is a great anime,,,,,, then as you continue the story will be a pleasure to us to wait for. thank you!!!!!!!!!

  14. eleuki Reply

    Any further plans of pushing more chapters out? Watched the anime twice now and would love to get more story.
    Is there a source for raws? I’m willing to piece things together with images and very slow reverse lookup or whatnot.
    Thanks of working on this thus far.

  15. kota Reply

    thank yoou very much for pickeing this manga up!
    and thank you for your hard work^^
    cant wait for the next chapthers^^

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