More Releases, but need more staff…

Hey all,
Today I’ve got two chapters for you. Kickass chapter ending the 6th volume of Karate Shoukishi Kohinata Minoru. Don’t miss it! We also have another chapter of Shibatora, getting us into the latest arc.

However, good news (more releases) comes with bad news. We need some staff for Karate to get going at a decent pace. Especially a translator (Who can translate without furigana since it’s a Seinen series) and some good cleaners who aren’t scared off by some hard redrawing (Maybe not always hard, but there’s a lot of it). Recently some of our staff have become too busy in real life to help out on the project anymore, so it has slowed down progress.

If you can help out at all, please apply on our forums otherwise we won’t be able to get it out at the speed we would like. Note that we also have other series, that have furigana and don’t have as hard redraws, so if you think you’re not up to scratch for Karate, we can still use help on our other projects.

Anyway, back to the good news, here’s the links for our releases! As always, you can get them via DDL on our forums or by our Irc channel.


  1. Nazraen Reply

    Would you mind showing an example of the hard redrawing that you were talking about? It might give people who are considering cleaning for you some idea of what they would be getting into. Also, awesome job on the current release of KSKM. Keep up the good work.

  2. Zaffa Reply

    Thanks for the release! I agree with Nazraen, example of the hard redrawing would be good. Cleaning the scans wouldn’t be a problem for me because I’m a perfectionist and I’ve lots of free time, but I don’t possess super good drawing skills.

  3. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Go to the Recruitment section on the forums, start a thread there (you have an application model somewhere), state what you are good at, what you want to work with, and Jazzmatazz or Someone2040 will send you a test. If they decide you can’t do KSKM, we need cleaners for everything, you won’t be pushed aside/ignored, in favor of more experienced redrawers. There’ll be work to be done for everyone, as long as they want to help. I mean, that’s how I started. And I’m a typesetter, so not that important to the group, but I wanted to help and they were kind enough to have patience with me, until I learned quite a bit about typesetting (and cleaning, but I’m still training). ^_^

  4. someone2040 Post authorReply

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for your interest. We have an old cleaaning test you can find on the forums. I don’t know what’s in this test other than that there’s a double page to join, some karate pages and some shibatora pages. I would check, but my internet at home is currently throttled! So everything is going really slow.
    Either way, it’s probably a good start to check out the link and see what it’s like.

  5. amy Reply

    I hope you find the help you need, you guys make me soooooooooo rawr :3

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