More Shibatora! More Hanagata!

Hey everyone,
I bring to you today, more Shibatora and more Hanagata.
Shibatora sees the beginning of mini-arc, while Hanagata is setting the stage for the first baseball match.
Big thanks to Chibisuke-Scans for their excellent job cleaning Hanagata again. Also thanks to those who worked on Shibatora to start the ball rolling again, hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more in the future.

You can find the download links on our forums as usual. You can also stop by our irc channel to download them or just chat about our excellent series.

Sadly I must say, we have run out of translations for Hanagata, and have no translator for it. If you know anyone who might be interested in translating Hanagata, please get in contact with us! We’d really like to continue with this series.


  1. Rangerkern Reply

    Thank you for the new releases. I especially like shibatora. Now we get to see his invisible weapon that was talked about in earlier chapters.

  2. rahrahah-ah-ah Reply

    I just really wanted to thank you for scanlating Shibatora!! 🙂 I picked up the series today, and I really like it a lot~ Keep it up with the hard work, and I hope to see more releases soon xD It really is a great, heart-warming manga~

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