New Series Shibatora ch.1

Keeping it brief today since I’m as we say in London colloquial speak “murkled” (v.tired). Today we have a brand new series for you all so download, enjoy, comment, join the forums etc… you surely know the drill by now!?

MF Sharbee


  1. Tsurashi Reply

    Thank you for this release! It looks interesting from baka-updates. 😀

  2. some guy Reply

    finally someone is scanning this!

    hope you guys keep this up, cause this is pretty damn awesome. thanks for the chapter, guys

  3. an innocent bystander Reply

    never hear of this series, but I love the first chapter; keep up the good work!

  4. white Reply

    hell yeah. I had read three volumes of this. It’s really cool. If i’m not mistaken, the author is the same of Psychometer Eiji.
    Check IWGP Denshi no Hoshi.

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