New Shonen Sports series…

One I’ve been wanting to work on for an age and finally it is happening. I only have 2 other non-scanlated sports series Sugar a boxing seinen by the awesome mangaka of The world is Mine and Kiichi, the second is Giant Killing a seinen FOOTBALL (no, it’s not called soccer!) series.

Anyway, onto the release this is a baseball series running in Weekly Shonen Magazine and one that I’ve heard nothing but good things about. The translator I’ve had read over this gave it many thumbs up and it just struck a chord. Sadly, we only have web raws for it at the moment, alas! This is a joint with Chibisuke-Scans a big thanks to them for making it possible.

The series is called Shinyaku “Kyojin no Hoshi” Hanagata I could pull a synopsis from MU… but, just trust me and read it ^^

Anyway, enjoy.

Direct Downloads (located on our forums as is the usual)


irc download

Be sure to visit our joint partners Chibisuke-Scans to say hi thanks and all that jazz.

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