Next release… (after the first)

Yup! The next chapter of our maiden series is ready it is the penultimate chapter in Volume 6 and you can expect the final chapter from us very soon.

Rookies Volume 06 Chapter 56 Mediafire

I would like to say thanks to all the people who took the time out to comment on our first release it’s always appreciated! We plan to ride this Rookies ship all the way to the shores of volume 24. We have a good team of people who really enjoy the series so it should happen but as always we are looking for more staff! We need translators, typesetters, proofreaders, cleaners and Qc folk. If you want to join us then sign up to our forums and make a post (I promise it wont take that long!) that’s really all we are asking, a love of Rookies would be helpful but it’s by no means vital as although it is currently our main priority Rookies is by no means going to be our only project.


  1. Toni Reply


  2. oluap Reply

    Thanks a lot guys! I always wanted to read this one but I noticed the previous group stopped a long time ago so I never started… as soon as I get the first ones I will come back and get 55 and 56.


  3. Ryuoo Reply

    Thanks alot guys was hoping someone would pick this up!!! Will be supporting you guys from now on keep up the good work!

  4. Poop Reply

    Thanks for the release. I love this series.

    Er…10ไบบ็›ฎ translates to ‘the tenth’, though, not ‘ten men’s eyes’…lol

  5. Lavos Reply


    Do I smell a translator? Stop by the forum if you are. We could always use another translator ^^

  6. mibu_tenma Reply

    Oh yeah just wanted to say thats great news that you plan to do all 24 volumes.

    The creator Morita Masanori has another good series Rokudenashi Blues it got a little bit scanned and but its very long.
    And a newer series called Beshari Kurashi.
    Maybe those might be other good projects if you ever decide to do more of this creator.


  7. white Reply

    the big punch is coming ๐Ÿ˜€

    There will be a live action of Rookies. Yeah!!!

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