Onepunch Man 41v2


I’m sure you weren’t expecting this one (especially not from us)! Due to certain unknown circumstances the website and forum over at Nerieru-Scans are down (403 + access denied) so we’re going to facilitate the spreading of the DDL and Online Reader link to all you avid readers of OPM. Enjoy!

One-Punch Man 41v2: DDL Online Reader


  1. kyuubi654 Post authorReply

    Mangaupdates is being silly about posting the release for some reason -.- I’ve sent it in 3 times, the last time even with two links to confirm that it’s actually out despite the fact that the nerieru site is down. While you’re here you might as well take a look over our projects πŸ˜€ We’re glad over each fan or staff member we gain. Tell your mates that we’re searching for JAP->ENG translators.

  2. Fronzel Reply

    Thanks for the new chapter.

    Think I caught a mistake; on page 23, I’m pretty sure “fry” in the sense of “small fry” doesn’t have a plural form.

  3. Tore Reply

    Listen to me. Murata redraw fir the third time chapter 32. This time adding 10 pages to the last (redrawn) chapter. So please, translate it when you want! I want to only advise you that the “new” chapter is out: reading the 41th release you will see the added pages.

    Please don’t stop uploading raws and chapter on translatorfag mediafire account, expecially raws xD

    • kyuubi654 Post authorReply

      double the post, double the reply:
      first of all wrong place to post πŸ˜› nerieru got their site back up (somewhat) and we just helped out with one release. second of all no need to tell us when stuff is out, we’re aware ourselves when chapters become available πŸ™‚

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