Peace Maker 39

Hey all,
Well this is… fairly late… Mostly my fault for not typesetting it. Then relying on a new guy to typeset it and not really wanting to bother to QC that work. Then finally getting our good friend Zao who typeset Shibatora for us to typeset this chapter. So here it finally is, another new chapter of Peace Maker. It’s been a long time coming…
As I somehow promise everyone every time this happens, hopefully we will try and speed up releases of this manga. No promises this time, since I always break them! But I’m cautiously optimistic since it’s not leaning on me for the heavy lifting!

Anyway, grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. lolman Reply

    Peace Maker!!! *____* Finally!!!! Peace Maker is so good, I really like it. Thank you DBS!

  2. Alpherg Reply

    Thanks a lot for the new update on Peace Maker. Hope to see more chapters coming from you guys.

  3. Harbinger311 Reply

    Fantastic! I love Peacemaker! Don’t stop translating it until Hope Emerson kills all the humans on Earth in duels! Or when he runs out of bullets. Whichever comes first. When I finish reading KSM, I go straight to Peacemaker!


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