Peace Maker 65

Hi all,
Not every day we see a solo Peace Maker release anymore, but here it is. Unfortunately for Karate, our translator is just really busy with life at the moment. Not much we can do about it, so don’t really know when we’re going to get more out. Hopefully we’ll at least get some stuff out soon, but it’ll come when it comes. In the mean time, enjoy a good old dose of our gunslinging Peace Maker manga šŸ™‚

Peace Maker 65: DDL Read Online


  1. Gene Reply

    Thank you for the release and good luck with dealing with life

  2. Dropout 88 Reply

    We hope to see more Karate soon! And we wish him good luck!

  3. agry Reply

    Never read that one before, guess I’ll take the little break from KSKM for it.
    Give translator-kun a hug. :3

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