Peace Maker 66

Hey guys,
So sorry about the lack of releases. Not much to do, I suppose real life is taking a priority for most group members at the moment. We hope to get you more Karate in the coming weeks (Although… probably not next week, since I’m off on a Ski trip!). For now, for all the Peace Maker fans, we’ve got another great chapter for you :). So all you manga fans, go appreciate our western gunslinger manga πŸ™‚

Peace Maker 66: DDL Read Online
Peace Maker v10: DDL


  1. Dropout 88 Reply

    A bit frustrating since you guys got me hooked! Hahah no worries this is live for you. Enjoy your trip..

  2. bububu Reply

    Wow, ski trip in summer… must be nice!
    Thanks for the chapter! πŸ˜€

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