Peace Maker and….

A release of our joint project with Domo Scans. Well I’m not gonna say to much here as it’s been a while since we last released this series. We do have a double release to make up for that somewhat enjoy chapters 7 and 8. Chapter 8 has some very nifty colour pages and also I would like to say to Ian Wendeys I feel your pain, being vertically challenged myself!

I would also like to add that it’s my birthday I’m getting old if you would like to give me a present then sign up to the forums, hang about make thread chatter and apply for positions. Who knows it may just motivate me to release something else when I get back from work 😛

Downloads of all chapters (1-8) Here.

Domo scans site

Oh also We are as well still hiring!


  1. Copycat01 Reply

    I think its a good thing to release your stuff as torrents and on TokyoTosho, more people, more interest, more fans = people applying to help out. I think you should make up batch torrents for your releases and post them, especially Capeta as a lot of people downloaded the anime and want to know what happens after. Just a thought though.

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