Peace Maker chapter 6

Chapter 6 is out and ready for your enjoyment as you may well know this is a joint with Domo Scans, so even if you dload the chapter here be sure to go and show your thanks there as well! Might I add It’s a pretty cool chapter…

MF Sharbee

 Also we are still looking for a few good men! We would really like to find translators for some awesome, badass (and all sorts of other positive adjectives) series we would like to bring to the fandom. We are also in need of typesetters and proofreaders if you would like to apply (which I’m sure you all want to do) just make a post in our recruitment forum.


  1. Kevin Reply

    Thanks….Peace Maker is one of the coolest series on the net!

  2. white Reply

    hoho peacemaker
    You should check Adamas from the same author i think…

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