Peace Maker Chapter 9 and a question

Chapter 9 is out so yay Direct Download from the usual place Here.

Be sure to go and Holla at Domo Scans as without them there would be no project and they do a very good job on the script so go express yo’ thanks on their site Here.

Also we are hiring we are in need of all positions but aching for some translators so go and apply on our forums.

Now to the question… fans of Peace Maker shall we HQ or shall we not HQ? Basically, the raws we are using now are public raws of magazine scans I would like to buy the tank for volume 2 and replace the mq releases with HQ releases from good raws. I don’t imagine that this will drain from our current releases at all but I don’t want to do it unless it’s what people who enjoy the series want so let me know….

Edited to add Go Maulers! We’re fighting for a Playoff place today and we really need a win so all lend your support (brownie points to anybody who has a clue as to what I’m talking about)


  1. solitaryCross Reply

    I enjoy this series very much and I think it would be awesome if you would use volume scans.

  2. GG Reply

    Thanks so much for the latest release! Peacemaker is an exciting, fast-paced manga and I’m absolutely loving it. 🙂 HQ scans would be a treat!

  3. ali3n Reply

    Thanks for the release, personally I don’t really see the point of releasing HQ releases for this but that’s just me though.

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