Post-Domain Issues first release

So now that we’ve got the ugliness of the domain issues behind us, here’s the first release to grace the deadbeat-scans website in a while. I say welcome back to Peace Maker. The cleans for this have been ready for a while, just that I didn’t have access to the translation until we got access to the website back. So lesson learnt, backup everything, keep a list of contacts, dont rely on one person to know everything about the website.

So yeah, this week we’ve got Shibatora and Peace Maker releases for you. Karate will be delayed a bit, but should pop up sometime next week. We should hopefully start seeing releases of our other series start trickling back in as well.

Anyway, you can as always find Direct download links on our Forums or download from our Irc Channel.


  1. karateluver Reply

    lame! KSKM is the only reason i like u guys. jkjk. well, kinda true.

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