1. legno Reply

    I like your project peace maker

    I hope you can bring more hope emerson in the future πŸ™‚

  2. rainwater Reply

    i love rookies manga and i’m rele in anticipation in at what’s going to happen next. if it’s not too much to ask could you guys continue from where the legendary 5th rookies group left off, at ch 165? thanks a bunch!

    here’s their site: http://legendary5throokiesgroup.blogspot.com/

  3. GV27 Reply

    Hello, just wanted to say hi and congratulate you on the good work. I was wondering if I could talk about getting the Capeta RAWs. Unfortunately I don’t know any japanese, so the only thing I can “give” in return is trying to get someone to do it. Thank you in advance, and cheers!

  4. Princesa Gaara Reply

    Hi, I’m from Brazil.
    Are using your site as a basis for translation of Shibatora.
    Thank you for translating.
    Release the first volume days 8/6/2009
    Is a join with a Fansub at the same time launch the dorama.
    And they release volume 1 chapter 1 of each month.
    I know it can not start soon because I will not know what to do when we get in 3rd.
    Sorry be inconvenient.
    If you give me a monthly credit to your site in my.
    If we can arrange a conversation on msn I love.

    Sorry again and thanks.

    Princesa Gaara

  5. Feanor Reply

    Peace Maker is great. I hope will keep releasing the series. I’d hate to see it go unscanlated.

  6. indr0008 Reply

    hi, thanks alot for doing Shibatora!
    loking forward for the next release!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    was wondering what happened to shibatora. havent seen anything after chapter 20.

  8. anidelle Reply

    love your projects (esp. Shibatora)! Hope you find a translator soon!

  9. uzumaki the pain Reply

    hey man why u dropped capeta

    i’m trying to find it everywhere

    even famous scan groups are ignoring it
    then shouldn’t u stand up and complete it

    make a poll u will know it how much popular its anime is

  10. sean Reply

    could it be possible for you guy to start rookies again? L5RG has been inactive for like 10 months the raw’s are just out there but no one is translating

  11. sean Reply

    i will be waiting their are also a lot of people waiting to so im going to cross my fingers and wait for a new chapter with deadbeat scans as the provider

  12. Sylvia Reply

    I am so glad you guys decided to pick up Peace Maker again! A westerner manga is so rare!
    Thank you for the scanlating it, and please keep going until the end!

  13. Ariel Reply

    Nice job, guys!

    Great quality, clean scans, proper use of english …

    Keep it up :3

  14. Costryan Reply

    Thank you so much for your hard work and great work karate shoukoushi hope you get the help you need

  15. aristotle Reply

    Are you guys still doing Hanagata because there haven’t been new chapters in quite a while.

  16. someone2040 Reply

    Hi Aristotle.
    Yes, we are still doing Hanagata. We even have spiffy new raws for it.
    However, we don’t have a cleaner for the series. So anything that gets done will really be done in my free time (quite lacking at the moment).

    So don’t expect regular updates unless we get a cleaner for the series.

  17. theodore Reply

    pleas release YUGO THE NEGOTIATOR or golgo 13. pleas respond

  18. someone2040 Reply

    Hi Theodore,
    Sorry but Yugo the Negotiator is dropped. Maybe we’ll come back to it someday, but we don’t have the resources to pick up any more mangas at the moment.

  19. Voltaire Reply

    Firstly I’d like to give my thanks for the hard work you guys have put into scanlating the Capeta manga as it’s one of my favorite series. I noticed that the scanlation process has been a little slow, typically between 1-4 months between each chapter. Do you guys happen to be lacking volumes or other materials for this manga? I’d be willing to donate to your cause if it could speed up the process of scanlating it (specifically the chapters after vol 12.4 and on). Again, I appreciate everything you guys do and keep up the awesome work!


  20. Anne Reply

    awww I really love your projects <3 I read Shibatora since yeeeears and I want to read more Hanagata because it's really awesome <3
    (I love groups with such underground mangas *-*!)


  21. someone2040 Reply

    Hi Voltaire,
    It’s not volumes we are lacking, just translations. We are currently translating c-e, and there seems to be a lot of issues in the j-c translation. So it’s a big pain.

  22. Voltaire Reply

    A two-way translation as in japanese-chinese-english? How many are currently prepped for c-e translation and are the j-c translation issues due to lack of translators?


  23. cmertb Reply

    We have all the Chinese raws we need. J-C issues are due to the poor quality of the translation (done by a Chinese publisher). What Capeta really needs is a dedicated J-E translator so we can avoid double translation altogether, especially since the J-C part of it is substandard.

  24. BQatWSU Reply

    Will donations help you hire a dedicated J-E translator for Capeta? If so, could you set something like that up so people who desperately want to read this amazing manga can donate? I see that the Manga is currently on volume 25, and I fear it will be over a decade before it is completely scanlated by a group. I would like to help in some way if possible. Thanks for being the only group who is translating this series.

  25. cmertb Reply

    No, this is all volunteer effort. At best we pay for raws and hosting. Only shady for profit sites like mangastream or mangareader hire translators. And this is not supposed to be a for profit activity! If you want to help, join the community as an editor, get to know translators, and try to convince at least one to work on Capeta.

  26. J Reply

    Hi, just want to you to know Rookies owns my life now, so thanks SOO much for translating it. I’m so glad you and Illuminati are collaborating on it! I’ll be waiting!

  27. doog Reply

    thanks for all the hard work and sweat you guys put into your scans. Im just a leecher, but i really admire you guys.

  28. Evade101 Reply

    Yo, really dig the work you guys do with KSKM.

    The effort n time you put in is much appreciated. Keep up the awesum work.

  29. $nare Reply

    thanks a lot guys for translating capeta.. eagerly waiting for the further volumes.

    keep up the awsome job. πŸ˜€

  30. exxp Reply

    Shibatora Manga … It’s one of my favorite Manga list now. I really love it.
    After I search for the translators group, I found YA. I will bookmark this website.

    The website is really full of black ! wow ~

  31. mikezoro Reply

    Yo! it’s not much, but I too appreciate what you guys are doing… KSKM and Rookies are my fav. manga and I really owe that to you guys… keep up the good work… as I said before, it might not be much, but at least is something.

    Thnx for making us, the otakus, happy every chapter release! ^_^

  32. Diego Reply

    Hey, thanks a lot for all the translation and scan work with Capeta.
    This manga is awesome!!!

    I am really gratefull.
    wish you all the best!

  33. wadson Reply

    I like martial arts very much!
    I hope sucess for you of deadbeat-scans
    I enjoy karate mangΓ‘ nice year for you bye!

  34. Jesus Reply

    Yeah!Great job on the Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru manga i really hope you people keep em coming.So far it’s the best of you projects i’ve seen and it’s the only other good semi-realistic martial arts manga i’ve found besides Ippo.I’m a great fighting enthusiast so it’s the perfect one to kill time with after a workout.Hope you don’t drop it.And thanks for the constant releases

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