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Some releases there should be more where these came from in the next week or so just not the same series! I would also like to note that we passed the one year mark so yay us and I hope that the next year will be even more productive than this one. Although that does rest largely in the hands of you readers/leechers/fans to get things really moving we need applications if you have more time but less (or even no) skill or little time but much of the skill then apply. We can train those who are inexperienced and work around people’s tight schedules.

We are mostly in need of Translators, Editors, Cleaners, Typesetters and proofreaders… Just all positions basically.

Anyway, onto the releases we finally!! Have some more Kskm for you today Chapters 11-13 brought to you courtesy of our new translator kopiikat. We stalled for so long due to having no chapter 11 translation. I would also add this project needs many more hands in order to catch up to Japan so apply folks, Gartor’s hand is probably going to fall of because of all the redraws he has to do!

Remember to thank MBS for their hardwork drop by their site to express your gratitude.

Kskm Chapters 11-13 DDL

The same link has the downloads for chapters 1-10 so put it out there the more fans of the series the more potential staff.

We also have Billy Bat Chapter 1 we’ve managed to get a hold of a good raw so are happy to be able to release this chapter. We still need raws for chapters 4+ so if you can help then shoot us an email: or post a message here. For any international groups looking for Chapter 1-3 raws then use the same method of communication.

There is also a rerelease of Billy Bat 3 nothing major just a couple of pages in the wrong order Pages 2 and 5 You can redownload it or just swap around the pages in the chapters you have already downloaded.

Billy Bat chapters 1-3 DDL


  1. Tim Reply

    thank you so very much this KARATE SHOUKOUSHI KOHINATA MINORU is my favorite manga and im going through withdrawal from not being able to read it ive been looking at the pictures in the raws on and im up to volume 17 lol but i dont know what there saying i have to guess by the expressions so please i know it is a long hard job and you have little help but every release is very much appreciated 🙂

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