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So, yeah we’re hiring and all that jazz, we’re in real need right now. But, instead of waffling on I’ll just link you to an oldish post that still applies.

Recruitment stuffs

As for the releases we have 3 chapters for you today the first is Billy Bat chapter 3, we’ve managed to get a raw provider for this one so releases should be on course now. I’m hoping for weekly *touch wood*

Billy Bat chapter 3 DDL

Next, we have Shibatora and this chapter although good also helps to cement in my mind Taketora’s detective abilities, yes the guy can detect, but, he doesnt seem to understand how the whole crime and punishment thing works…

Also, being released chapter 2 of a sports series from the same magazine as Shibatora, entitled Shinyaku “Kyojin no Hoshi” Hanagata so for fans of sports or of good shonen series or of Shibatora… Give it a go! We’ll be much more regular with releases of this from here on out, we’re shooting for fortnightly releases. Also, this is a joint with Chibisuke-Scans so go and thank them for their hard works!

Shibatora Chapter 20 DDL

Hanagata Chapter 2 DDL


  1. ali3n Reply

    Thanks for the releases. Just out of curiosity, any idea/plan on releasing chapter 1 of Billy Bat?

  2. Shin Reply

    Thanks a lot for Hanagata, i really liked the first chapter, it has a very good vibe:)

  3. Toku Reply

    id like to be a proofreader if u want proof i could do a translation if u set one up in forums.

  4. dreamer Reply

    Thank you so much for the shibatora scanlations. I can’t wait for more from the series! ^_^

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