Two series releases for y’all today we have the last two chapters from Shibatora Volume 2 for you! Chapters 12 brings us to the end of the Kusunoki arc let’s all take a moment to be thankful for that! Now we are moving on to something new and I can only hope chapter 13 get’s you as excited for the next arc as it did for all of us as it looks Hooooly shi’ awesome!

Also have Chapter 3 of Kohinata for you to grab and really this chapter is a pretty cool one! I think many males shall read this and say a big ouch on Tachiyama’s behalf.

As usual we are looking for staff so register and apply on the forums. Editors and J-E translators most welcome but no position shall be turned away!

KSKM Chapter 3 Direct Downloads available Here.

Also Go to MBS Site

Or MBS irc and grab it there: #moarbadscans @

Shibatora Chapters 12 and 13 plus a full volume 2 download Here.


  1. thardax Reply

    Just wanted to say that I look forward to the progress of KSKM (what’s an appropriate abbrevation for it?) and that you’re doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work!

  2. Neb Reply

    I look forward to more KSKM as well. I look forward to more chapters πŸ™‚ (I also read Shibatora i appriciate the work on that as well ^_^)

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