Rookies 179 and Peace Maker 14

Only 5 days later and we’re back with another release everybody. This time we’ve got new chapters of Rookies and Peace Maker ready for you.

You can now download the release from the forums as usual: Downloads here

Alternatively, you can grab the releases from the project page of Rookies and/or Peace Maker. He hope you grab both. Our releases are also available on our IRC Channel for those of you who are more comfortable with it. And of course you can also find the Rookies release on the site of Illuminati-Manga which will most likely lead back to the Illuminati-Manga IRC Channel.


  1. simonsaidhigh Reply

    I dont mean to be a jackass, but can you translate yubisaki milk tea? The people who translated it stopped near the end πŸ™

  2. kyuubi654 Post authorReply

    Mangaupdates says that’s a licensend manga.

    EDIT: I’ll be damned πŸ™‚ I even found it on Amazon.

  3. annoyedwabbit Reply

    Oh my god, you’ve started scanlating Rookies! <3 I just happened to hopelessly check Baka Updates, and there you guys were. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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