Rookies 193

So Rookies releases just seem to drag on. Seems to be a month between each release unfortunately! I’m trying to up the rate in which we release but… can only do so much myself! So just a general yell to Rookies fans, if you can clean, please apply to become a cleaner for this series. It’d help me out so much (I’m strung out between basically every project we do in some way or another!), and of course, faster releases, you win as well!

But anyway, today we’ve got the next chapter for you. You can grab it on the Forums or the Irc Channel.

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  1. RstySpr Reply

    I fucking <3 you guys for your awesome work with Rookies. You are all gods amongst men. Seriously thanks for picking this series back up… you + illum are doing fantastic work. Can't wait for the rest of Vol. 20 and the conclusion of the series, please keep up the amazing releases.

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