Rookies 209

Hey guys,
Been a while since we had a chapter of Rookies. Delay on this one was mostly my fault! Kept putting off a page I had to redraw thinking it was harder than it looked (Turns out like usual, most things aren’t as hard as they look).
Anyway, as usual, big thanks to Illuminati-Manga for their work on the chapter.

For all of those wondering about Karate and why we haven’t seen a chapter in a while. Please be patient just a little longer. We all know Karate is no walk in the park to get done, and we will make an announcement around it once we finish the chapter. We are NOT dropping the series, and we are not focusing on other series, it is just how things have happened over the past month and a bit.

Anyway, as per usual grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. Urlaz Reply

    Thanks for the update on karate, take your time, you guys do a great job on it.

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