Rookies mega release

Hey all,
So got a bunch of Rookies chapters for all you Baseball fans today! Not 1, not 2, hell, not even 3 or 4, but 5 chapters of Rookies!
This release closes off volume 23 of Rookies, so only 1 more volume remains! How awesome is that! Could be looking at finishing our second project before the end of the year.

Grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel and be sure to thank Illuminati-Manga for all the work they did on this release.

Note: At current time, only volume is available on IRC.


  1. Bada Reply

    Oh my godddddddd. This by far makes up for the slowness. I Loveeeeeeeeeeee you guys!

  2. Anon Reply

    So how many chapters of rookies are there total? 233? Any special or extra chapters after that?

  3. someone2040 Post authorReply

    Hi Anon,
    233 in total, plus 1 special I think.

  4. dragonaniki Reply

    thank you for your wonderful work guys
    plz for when the next chapter.
    did you drop the project

  5. cmertb Reply

    It’s not dropped. The rest of the manga should be released soon, still planning to complete it before the end of the year.

  6. HikaruYami Reply

    Oh man, are you guys still on schedule? If so, I guess we’re looking at an exciting christmas release bonanza…!

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