Rookies Oneshot and KSKM 273

Hey all,
It’s been a long time coming, but Rookies is finally complete (For the second time!). We’ve been sitting on a one-shot that GGpX from Illuminati-Manga found, and have had a translation sitting around for a while, but the cleans (being magazine raws) were a smidge harder to clean than the good old tank raws we are used to. So it’s taken a while, but Rookies is finally finished for good. Thanks to everyone who worked on the project over the years, as some people may know, Rookies was the manga that originally pulled people into creating this group. And over that time, Rookies has become a fairly big thing, even netting itself a J-Drama version of itself (And I saw some pachinko ads about it as well while I was in Japan). So the wait is finally over, go grab the final chapter now!

We’ve also got another chapter of Karate today, bit of a record to be a few weeks straight now!

Rookies Oneshot: DDL Read Online

KSKM 273: DDL Read Online


  1. plume Reply

    Just found out about KSKM a few days ago, and I literally could not stop reading!
    Many thanks for your work and more power to you guys!

  2. leonearmato Reply

    Thanks you very much, guys!
    I read and appreciated Rookies when it was published in Italy but this one shot was “forgotten” by the publisher, so I’m very happy to have the possibility to read it now 😉

  3. Pocong Reply

    Thanks again for another installment of Karate! Is it just me or is Samart “the abortion doctor” Sirinto a better Sempai than Mutou or Ibuki? His eyes are horrifying and he doesn’t smile much but he’s also giving some support and encouragement to Minoru after a loss, which is more than Mutou and Ibuki ever did. Everyone acts like he’s this child-beating, baby-eating monster but he seems like a nice enough guy here.

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