Rookies Volume 7

Well it’s been a while… not an age just a little while since we released. But to make up for that we have a whole volume of Rookies goodness for you! It has been uploaded as usual onto mediafire. Expect more releases to come before the week is out we got some new series for you as well as some old.

Rookies Volume 7 whole volume Sharbee Mediafire

Chapter 58 Mediafire

Chapter 59 Mediafire

Chapter 60 Mediafire

Chapter 61 Mediafire

Chapter 62 Mediafire

Chapter 63 Mediafire

Chapter 64 Mediafire

Chapter 65 Mediafire

Chapter 66 Mediafire

Chapter 67 Mediafire

I am toying with the idea of having DDL what do we think..? Yay or nay? Comment and let me know.

Also we are still recruiting so get yeesleves over to our forums and apply foo’s!


  1. dennis Reply

    It’s weird, chapter 59 doesn’t seem to work. It brings me to the mediafire page and when I click the download button it says unable to connect. I’ve tried two browsers and the other files work.

  2. gilb_arch Reply

    having ddl would really be great, althought i could say i will hammer a lot your server… so if you want a ddl, you shouldnt leave aside the other resources ….

    btw, i had the same problem with the link for c59

  3. Killergran Reply

    Get an IRC-channel 😀
    I’d serve all your rookies-releases on my bot. I’ll do that anyway, but it’d be nice to serve them in your channel.

    And I like DDL’s better than Mediafire etc. Feels more serious. It’s easier, faster and ad free (if you choose to keep it that way). Ofc, you’d need a lot of bandwidth on your server.

  4. Redthaidevil Reply

    Actually Zshare works amazingly well. THx alot for Volume 7. You guys are great ^^

  5. oluap Reply

    Thanks for the release!

    And since everyone is talking about it I don’t mind mediafire since they don’t have ads or writing a code to access the download but!… since those links tend to get discontinued or expire (or something along those lines) I have to admit that implementing something else will be needed in the near future for the rest of the people who will start reading ROOKIES (or your next project) DDL is easy for most but IRC is pretty popular with the whole manga/anime people.

    For starters I recommend a link to the previous volumes made by the previous group (Jinmen Juushin was it?) on your main page instead of only using the forums.

    PS: I know there is another group that got interested! (why now all of a sudden? wtf didn’t they choose another great discontinued project?) anyway ganbatte! I like your release.

  6. danvi77 Reply

    hello sory for posting this here but i wonder if you could help with this ther is any amaizing series
    Shonan Jun’ai Gumi status

    I’d like to make an informative post about Shonan Jun’ai Gumi, the prequel to GTO.

    We’ve scanlated 26 chapters since picking it up a while back.

    Now, we’re facing some serious problems with the series.

    We need a typesetter. We need an extra editor. Because if we don’t fill these positions soon, we will be dropping the project permanently.

    Don’t want this happen? Your only hope is to apply on our forums for the positions.

    Now, I don’t want to drop SJG. I think SJG is a quality series that only gets better. (I’ve read up to volume 18 in French, it becomes absolutely great in a few volumes) But the only way I’m getting chapters done is by giving chapters to people who apply as typesetters as their test and fixing the typesetting afterwards for consistency. I don’t want to continue this.

    Or, if you’d like a joint on the series, give me a PM on IRC. I’m open to discussions. I’d much rather have an established group leader/representative contacting me than a new group (Unless the group is called Rabbit Reich. I loved Robot v1. You guys are awesome.)

    If we don’t get help, the project will be dropped.
    the page adres is

  7. jasper Reply

    No it would be a waste, plus if the file is small then sites like rapidshare, sendspace, megaupload, etc etc are fine. You dont need to spend money on getting a server or anything such.

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